Danielle Shields LMHC,
is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor based in Southwest Florida. 

Danielle is a intuitive psychotherapist. She specializes in mindfulness therapy and uses her training in trauma, meditation, and metaphysics to help clients transcend blockages of their mind (depression, anxiety) and their conditioning (autopilot/learned patterns).

Much of suffering is due to an autopilot that is destructive or ineffective. Deep awareness reveals that this autopilot (the voice in your head and much of your personality) is not who you are. This discovery is the first step in liberation.

Education and practices are given in almost every session to ensure lasting changes that allow clients to mentally and emotionally shift, eventually irreversibly.  Such skills aide clients to compassionately and skillfully approach their inner relationship with themselves and their relationship with others, in a more loving and meaningful way. Danielle recognizes the challenges they are triggered in life and relationships but sees both as purposeful aides in self-growth, therefore helping clients not fear challenges but embrace them.

Danielle’s unique approach is rooted in her own healing journey which leads her to become a meditation and yoga instructor after she discover the profound healing and freedom that came from both. Using these and other modalities, she helps clients increase their awareness and shift their consciousness so that they free themselves from suffering and truely experience the joy, love, and truth that is found right here, right now..


Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Florida Gulf Coast University 
Bachelors in Psychology,University of Central Florida 


Stress Reduction Techniques

Somatic Therapy 

Spiritual/Existential Coaching

Eye Movement Desensitation Resolution I, II (EMDR)

Meditation instructor


Narrative Therapy 

Dialectical Behavioral
Therapy (DBT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Yoga Instructor,Hatha RYT 200

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Emotioanl Freedom Technique (EFT)


13410 Parker Commons Blvd Suite 101
Fort Myers FL 33912
P: 239-850-8779 E:danielleshieldslmhc@gmail.com instagram.com/livingtheexhale

“True healers do not heal you, they simply reflect back to you your innate capacity to heal. They are a reflector or a loving transparency. A true teacher doesn´t teach, they don´t see you inherently separate from them or less than them, they simply reflect back your own inner knowing and reminds  you of the vastness of your being. They are mirrors or signposts.

And Love is the space in which all is possible. 
Love heals and we learn best in a loving field, with no threat of failure...”